What we do on free evenings...

We take long walks, we dance and wrestle in our living room, and in the fall, we play football.

Whatever one member of the family does....so do we all.


Andrew is teaching them "pass patterns". 

Avila, dressed for watching football. 



Popeye, Olive Oil and the Can of Spinach

I didn't get to blog about our costumes last year. Oh did we have fun. They even won the local "Best Homemade Costume" award. 

My parents passed down their dress up genes. I remember so many Halloweens and not Halloweens of my parents dressing up in wigs and clever costumes. I remember my mom laughing hysterically after she dressed my sister into a nun costume she made.

I must have belly laughed all day long staring at Avila in her green spinach face. Goodness this was fun.

Crepe paper, poster board, and yarn....my old shirts, pipe cleaners and felt. One good wig and three willing kids. Happy Halloween.

We may have had to bribe her to stay in costume with a sucker...or two....


These are the Days....

Just an evening spent watching Dad mow the lawn and squeezing the last good bit out of the summer. 

I spent the evening watching them, it was my delight. 


Hello Breakfast

Adding some zing to the
Whole 30 morning routine. 

Pico de Gallo over Ham and Eggs

 Minute Pico
2 Jalepenos, seeded and finely chopped
1/4 to 1/3 Cup Purple Onion, finely chopped
1/2 - 1 Cup cherry tomatoes 
(or regular, but the cherry tomatoes are sweet and balance out the flavor) 
Dash of salt 

He's her biggest fan.

Maybe it's his age, but I think more so his demeanor...

but He asks constantly to hold her.

And when I'm holding her, asks if he can kiss her. It doesn't let up, every day is the same.

He is constantly giggling at her "getting fat" and has his own nickname for her, "JuJu". We'll see if it sticks...